Framed Wall Art

The array collection of framed batik in 2 selections. For contemporary style, the replica batik sketch originated by Iwan Tirta himself in clean-lined wood frames brushed with gold color is perfect to deliver fine nuances. Another choice is original hand-drawn batik piece framed with simple silhouette in clear acrylic, very compatible to complement your modern areas.

Size selection:
• batik piece with acrylic: 38 x 42 cm, 52 x 55 cm, 39 x 60 cm
• batik sketch original replica with wood frame: 83 x 108 cm, 66 x 117 cm, 100 x 102 cm, 111 x 125 cm, 115 x 115 cm

Configuration Part

Batik Piece with Acrylic

Batik Sketch Original Replica with Wood Frame